Since 2016, Sockeloen is working with!

We love cycling! Ride with passion, Ride with style, Ride fast is our slogan. Let them think about the same thing at! By working together we want to make the world a bit better. We believe that cycling makes the world more beautiful. Not only because it is sustainable, or healthy but it is also better for our cities. The bicycle is a fast way of transport in the city. That is why we decided to have our packages delivered by Cycling bikers in all major cities of the Netherlands with the aim of making the logistics in the Dutch cities smarter and cleaner. As far as possible deliveries on the bike is the pursuit. In the hubs on the outskirts of the city everything that the city has to hand over to the cyclists and what the city has to go out to the car buyers. These drive on green gas. This reduces the traffic pressure and reduces CO2 emissions to a minimum.

How does it work ?
You place your order on our website. Once the payment is made, we will get started with your order. Is your order payment before 19:00? Then we will pick up your order and send a shipment in the bicycle delivery system. Then pick up your order the next business day before 12 o'clock. If you fall within the area of the courier, your order will be delivered the same evening. If this is not the case, and cyclists spend your order on a third party (for example, if you live abroad), it may take a little longer. The cyclist's network continues to expand and we hope for full coverage in the Netherlands as soon as possible. If your order appears to be a bit longer, we hope for your understanding and appreciation of our pursuit of a better world in which more cycling is being made.

If you order before 19:00, we will ship your package to Cycle Couriers the following day. They strive to deliver your package on the same working day in the evening. If you order between Friday and Sunday 19:00, your package will be delivered on Monday. Unfortunately, cyclists do not deliver in the weekends. Well, they deliver, unlike PostNL on Monday! Do you live outside the big city? Then we will ship your package to a third party. You will not receive your package next business day, but two working days later. A product that is on the website may not be in stock. In that case, you will hear this in good time and the amount due will be returned to your account or you can find a replacement product in the webshop.

Shipping costs
As a contribution to the packaging and shipping costs, we ask for a fixed amount in the Netherlands.
If you order for an amount above € 35, - euro then shipping inside the Netherlands is free.

Shipping costs Netherlands:
0-250gram € 2.95
250-500 grams € 3.95
500-1000 grams € 7.95

Shipping costs outside the Netherlands:
0-250 grams € 5.95
250-1000 grams € 7.95

For more information on shipping, you can always e-mail to Info [at]

Payment method
In our webshop you can pay via iDEAL, PayPal and bank transfer.

Returns and defects
In spite of the great care we spend on your order, an article may appear to be defective or that you receive a wrong product from your fault. In these cases, contact Sockeloen within 10 days. It is best to email to Order [at] Jordan of Logistics will then solve this with you.