What is the difference between printed and woven custom socks?

As you can see, we sell two different custom socks. The printed and the woven socks, but what is the difference between these two socks and how do you know which one suits you best?

Printed socks 

The printed socks are the socks we personalise ourselves. Therefore, a printed sock can be printed from as little as 1 pair and can be delivered within 1 week. For the printed socks, we have created an online editor.  We work with a basic sock (white or black) from which you can make the print. We have already created a number of sample designs that you can further personalise, but you can also choose the blank design and design your own sock. The printed sock can be ordered in two different sizes and heights and is printed from two sides. 

Woven socks

We have the interwoven socks made in our factory in Italy.  Because of this, there is a larger order quantity (from 50 pairs) and a longer production time (about 6-10 weeks). With the woven socks, you can choose the quality, base colour and height/foot size of the sock. It is therefore possible to personalise the entire sock. Therefore, we also work with a step-by-step plan for a woven sock.

Model: Classic, performance, high performance, aero, sports sock.
Size: One size fits all, S (35-40), M(40-45), L (45-50).
Height: Low (8cm), Medium (17cm), High (19cm).
Colour: We have a colour chart with 100 different yarns.
To help you order custom socks, please fill in the email form that you can find via the link below. You can also use this form to request samples, colour swatches or other advice.

Bedrukte sokken Verweven sokken
- The sock is printed (the print may fade when stretched) - The sock is woven
(with different colours of yarn)
- Order from 1 pair - Order from 50 pairs
- Size 36-42, 43-48 - Determine model, size and height yourself
- Hoogte 17cm, 19cm - Determine the basic colour yourself
- 1 week delivery - 4-10 weeks delivery
- From € 24.95 each - For prices contact us via the form


Femke Markus
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