How are our socks made in Italy?

For us socks are very important, to show how much care and passion our socks are made I write this blog. Here I will explain what steps are being taken to arrive at the fantastic end product that can be purchased from us. In addition, we would like to show that we work together with our manufacturer to come to a fair product for fair prices.
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The design process
The first step in the production process is to convert the design we have made into a low resolution format. Depending on the quality sock that is ordered, the machine with which the sock will be made will be selected. Our more expensive socks have 200 stitches all around, the cheaper 160. Each stitch can have a different color. To achieve an optimal design, the number of pixels of the designs is reduced (!!!) to the lowest possible quality with 160 or 200 pixels in the sock.
Custom Fietssokken
Setting up the machine
Next, the right yarn is attached to the machine that will make the sock and the design is loaded onto the machine. From then on, test socks are made and small adjustments are made per sock to arrive at a perfect sock. When 1 perfect sock has come out of the machine, the machine can start running at full speed.
Custom Fietssokken
Quality and error checking
A machine can never run independently. The machines regularly get stuck or a needle breaks, resulting in a sock with something wrong with it. A red light will illuminate on the machine. In the factory, constant people walk past all machines (around 40) to check what is wrong and to solve problems. When a needle is broken, it is also checked whether the last produced socks are still good.
Custom Fietssokken
Ironing the socks
When 100 socks are ordered, there is always about 10-15% more planned on the machine. This is because there is a chance that there is a 15% loss due to the above causes. When the machine stops, the errors are removed and the correct ones are counted. With some machines the toes of the sock are still open. These are then sewn together piece by piece with other machines. With the latest machines, the toes are already connected and the socks go straight through in trays to a carroussel with a kind of flat iron in the shape of a cut leg. The socks are put on this leg and ironed from the inside so that they can be neatly packaged flat.
Custom Fietssokken
When the socks are nicely ironed, they are neatly packaged in pairs in the way that is desired. There are various options such as our dealer packaging, our banderole, or a plastic bag. The barcodes are also affixed to the packaging here.
Custom Fietssokken
To send
After all this is done, the socks are packed in boxes, labeled and sent to our department store in the Netherlands. Upon arrival in the Netherlands we check the socks again to see if this is as expected. We always keep 1 copy behind so that we always know what we have made. This can be useful for reorders or questions from customers. The socks are then stored in our department store to be sold via the site, or sent to the customer, or delivered to stores / or distributors.
Custom Fietssokken


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