What qualities of custom socks does Sockeloen have?

Perfect quality and excellent customer service are our number 1 priority! Not more annoying than developing a cool sock, but poor quality to receive. For this reason, we have developed 3 kinds of qualities. In this blog we are going to tell you why we have 3 different qualities for custom referred socks and which ones they are.

Sockeloen has for woven socks the following 3 qualities:

  1. 1.  The classic sock
  2. 2. The performance sock
  3. 3. The high-performance sock

Classic sock
The classic sock is our basic sock and is made of cotton. What makes this sock so special? In our research into the best classic sock we have seen that socks often sag when cycling. We solved this by adding an elastic band to the top of the sock. This prevents the socks from sagging. Finally, it is a thin sock, so your feet don't feel burning anymore.

Performance sock
This is our most sold custom sock. What's the reason? The performance sock is the top sock on the market for socks. We use the fabric 'meryl skinlife'. This fabric is antibacterial and ensures that dirty and unpleasant odors stay away. Just like with the classic sock, we haven't stopped developing it. To provide even more comfort, we have added a thickened footbed to the sock. Finally, we have provided even more optimal ventilation through a new weaving structure.

High-Performance sock
This is the sock when it comes to quality and appearance. In addition to the same qualities of the 'normal' performance sock, this sock goes even further. We have made sure that your design will look even better and more beautiful. Most brands use 160 pixels for an image, but we go even further. Your design comes with 200 pixels on the sock, making your design visible and long lasting.

Do you want your own design sock? Send us your idea/design and who knows, you might soon have your own designed socks!

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