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Within the different models of custom socks that we offer, this is the Casual Variant. This sock is not a specific cycling sock but it's ideal for daily life or to use as a give-away sock to promote your brand.
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Delivery time: Production will not start before you aprove our order summary that we'll send you by mail after your order. After approval production will take 6 - 10 weeks.
Within the different models of custom socks that we offer, this is the Classic Variant.The classic Sockeloen sock is made of cotton and is a very nice & thin sock with an elastic band so that the sock will not sag while cycling.
This smooth sock is available in black and white and can be completely designed according to your wishes.
You can put these together according to your own wishes in terms of design and color, based on various examples in the editor.
Your order will not go into production until you have confirmed in writing our order summary that we will send you by email after your order has been placed. From then on, production will take 6 - 10 weeks.
Step by Step
Before you start designing, you need to determine the following 3 things:
1. Select the number of socks you want
2. Click on 'Personalize' and you can design your sock.
3. Order pay your desired number of socks.
4. You will receive a summary of your order by email. You check and confirm this.
5. After confirmation, the socks are ordered and delivered after 6-10 weeks.
For more information, fill in the email form on our custom page. Klik hier om naar het formulier te gaan.