Go4Dry ShoeDryer

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With this shoedryer your shoes will be warm and desinfected within 20 minutes !
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ShoeDryer Go4Dry 

The GO4DRY Shoedryer is a compact machine that dries and desinfects your shoes fast and easily. Dirty smells disappear from your shoes quickly with Ozon technology.

→ Special cycling shoe program: 5 minutes ozon and 20 minutes at 65° Celcius.
→ Ozon is effective and natural methode to clean dirty smells from your shoes.
→ The Go4Dry.nl shoedryer is easy to store beaus it's collaptable.
→ The Go4Dry.nl shoedryer weights in at 1,4 kg.
→ The Go4Dry.nl shopelryer is developed and produced in Holland.

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