Trucker Cap (New model)

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The Sockeloen Trucker Cap. In cases when you need to appear on the stage, you want to look good. For these situation Sockeloen provides you the Trucker Cap. The cap keeps your head nice and warm and dry to prevent a cold from occurring immediately after the finish.

This is a new model with a round cap.


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3 reviews

4,7 stars based on 3 reviews

20 Feb 2020
frazer white
Love love love it.
26 Aug 2019
Richard Van noord
15 Jan 2019
Henk Heyden
Super fijne cap. Geborduurde logo ligt er echt bovenop. Gaasstructuur is van plastic en doorzaam. Overige deel van de pet is van foam. Met sluiting aan de achterkant is de oet goed af te stellen. Zeer tevreden!