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Pease first read through our Frequently Asked Questions below (FAQ) if you can't find your answer you can fill in the form on the bottom (Mobile) or right side (Desktop) of this page. 

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1 Payment
1.1 What are the payment options?

You can pay using PayPal, iDEAL and by bank transfer. You can read more about our Payment methods and procedure here.

2 Delivery
2.1 How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We'll do everything we can to have your order delivered to you as fast as possible, but here's more info about our Delivery time.

2.2 Which countries can be sent to?
We ship to all countries worldwide.
2.3 What are the shipping costs?

Depending on the country where the package is sent and the value of your order. Read more here.

2.4 Are there import costs if my order is shipped abroad?
This differs per country and even per shipment. The best way to check this is on the site of your overhead. We are not liable for extra costs that may come to foreign shipments.
2.5 Is my Package insured?

We’ll always insure your package. Read more about shipping insurance.

2.6 Can I organize for my order to be delivered to a different address?
Yes, when you place your order you can enter the delivery address details, which can be different from your home address.
3 Order
3.1 Can I check my order status?

If you have received a Track & Trace code, you can check your order status.  If your order takes very long to arrive, please contact us on [email protected].

3.2 Can I add items to an order that I placed?
It is not possible to add items to an existing order that you have already placed.
3.3 Can I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your password, change it here or follow the 'Forgotten Password' instructions on the 'Sign in' page. For security reasons we are unable to send your password via e-mail.

3.4 Do I need to create an account before placing an order?
Creating a Sockeloen account is not mandatory.
3.5 Where do I enter a Sockeloen voucher or discount code?
You can enter your discount code when you’re placing an order, when reviewing your shopping cart. Enter the code in the field “Discount Code” and press the “APPLY” button. Your discount will automatically be deducted from the total payment.
3.6 Can I buy socks with custom print?
It is possible to order custom socks. You can already order them from one pair on. Look at all the possibilities of creating custom Sockeloen socks here.
3.7 How do I know if an item is in stock?
All items are in stock unless the "Out of stock" message is displayed on the right side of the product picture. This message will be shown after you select your desired size, in case the item has size options. A form will be shown for registering for notification email when the desired size will be restocked. Please be aware that even if an item is in your shopping cart, it can still be bought by another costumer until you have completed your order. We do not reserve items until payment is made.
3.8 Will inventory be restocked?
Some of our items do get restocked on a frequent basis. In case your size is not available right now, please sign up for the notification e-mail (this feature is available after selecting your size). You will be informed by e-mail as soon as we restock our inventory. Please sign up for the Sockeloen Newsletter (see bottom of page) and follow our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we will inform you about restocking in general.
3.9 If I put an item into my shopping cart, will this mean that I have reserved it?
No, items in your shopping cart are not reserved. They are reserved as soon as you place an order and finalize the payment.
3.10 I placed an order successfully, but I didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail yet. What should I do?
After finalizing your payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail stating your order number and a summary of your order details. In case you didn't receive this e-mail within 2 hours, please contact us to ensure order validity.
4 Return
4.1 I’m not content with my product, can I return it?

If the product is not to your liking because it’s not what you expected for example, you can return the product. However, any costs incurred by us will be billed to you and we don’t compensate any of the return costs made by you.

4.2 My product was damaged / defective when I received it, what should I do?
If your product was damaged or defective when you opened the package, please make a photo of it and send it to [email protected] We will then ensure that you receive a replacement product. We reimburse any return costs that may be incurred by you.
4.3 I have received the wrong product, what should I do?
If you have received a product that you have not ordered, please send an e-mail to [email protected] We ensure that you receive the right products. We reimburse any return costs that may be incurred by you.
4.4 I have received a product in the wrong size, what should I do?
If you have received another size than you had ordered, please send an e-mail to [email protected] We ensure that you receive your product in the right size. If you have ordered the wrong size or find out that your product does not fit properly, you can exchange it for a different size. However, any shipping costs incurred by us will be charged and we will not reimburse the costs of the return.
4.5 How long does the return process take?
Only once we have received the return product, the return process starts and we send the replacement product or we reimburse the costs of the returned product. This takes an average of 5-7 working days. Please always send an email to [email protected] before returning products.
4.6 Can I get my money back?
Yes, this is always possible. Depending on what is wrong with the product, you will receive (part of) the amount paid back. If the error is not with us, we will deduct any costs incurred by us from the amount you paid before we return it. If the error is with us, such as with a defective product, you will receive the entire amount you paid back and we will reimburse any return costs you may have incurred.