About Us

Ride with style. 
Ride with passion. 
Ride fast. 

At the age of eighteen young pro rider Jasper Ockeloen, raced all over Europe for the Rabobank Continental development team. Although he was proud of his outfit, the socks didn't meet his standards, for Jasper; socks are the most essential part of the kit. 
He started to redesign and test, cutting and stitching all types of socks by hand, with the aim of finding a better fit. His sock obsession lead his team mates to call him Sockeloen, thus the brand was born.
Jasper sought out to find a way to make his own socks, with the knowledge and experience he gained from his testing he hunted through Europe to find the best quality fabrics to manufacture his vision, his vision of creating the perfect sock.

For the highest level of satisfaction the socks had to become totally customisable for each and every customer. Sockeloen exclusively created a way in which every customer can customise and create their own personally designed socks.
Now, a couple of years later, and after a long and intensive testing period, the perfect socks are ready for you.
Jasper Ockeloen