Custom Design Templates

Choose the template you need below, have fun creating your unique design!
Note: We will always check your design ourselves and discuss any adjustments before it will be produced!

Custom Knitted Sock

Custom Verweven Template
.pdf (photoshop incl. layers)
Color Chart

Keep this in mind when creating the design for a knitted sock:
1. You can deliver your design to us in all resolutions and sizes. Keep in mind that your design will be scaled down to 160 or 200 (High Performance sock) pixels around the sock before production. This happens because this is the maximum level of detail which the machines can knit into the sock because of the number of needles in the machine.
2. If you use colors other than white or black in your design, choose the yarn from the above color chart that best suits your design. On the last page there is a conversion table that roughly corresponds to pantone colors. Note: this is only a guideline!

Custom Printed Sock

Template Custom Bedrukt Sockeloen
.pdf (Photoshop incl layers)

Keep this in mind when creating the design of a printed sock:
1. The heel and toes are always black and the heel is at the back in the middle of the sock.
2. The socks are printed on an existing sock, so when you stretch the sock the design can fade slightly. Dark background colors such as black or dark blue therefore become less pretty.
3. The socks are printed between flat presse from the front and back side. A design on the left or right side of the sock is therefore very difficult to print and it may not fit perfectly.

Custom Aero Sock
Aero Voorbeeld Template
.pdf ( Photoshop incl Layers)

Keep this in mind when creating the design of an Aerodynamic sock:
1. The lycra is sewn together on the back of the sock, so it may be that your design does not fit perfectly.
2. The foot part of the sock is only available in black or white.