100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your (custom) product, we will make new ones for you free of charge. We make the best products and provide the best service. We are confident enough to offer this guarantee. This keeps us sharp ;-)

Our guarantee applies to this:
We are specialists in socks, custom socks and a number of bicycle accessories. Our satisfaction guarantee applies to everything we can influence. We check the design that you approve, the color, the size and the model you order. In addition, we see it as our mission to advise you as best as possible in order to make the perfect choice. In terms of quality, you can expect us to deliver the best product in its product category. We also package our products in the best possible way so that the products arrive at your home intact and in a nice packaging.

We work with partners such as PostNL for the shipping and delivery of your order. You can expect us to deliver the order to the relevant shipping partner on time to meet the agreed delivery time. Preferably a little earlier than that ;-)

Our warranty does not apply to this:
Our guarantee applies to everything we can influence. If you make a spelling mistake in a design you supply, or if you choose the wrong color or size, we can unfortunately not give a guarantee because we have no influence on this. With custom orders, we will inform you as well as possible in advance about the options and the expected result. However, if you choose a color that you do not like afterwards, we can unfortunately not change this afterwards. We can no longer do anything with the socks ourselves. We have our 'own fault guarantee' for this. We will make new socks for you, for half the price.

This also applies to late delivery. When we have your order ready on time for our shipping partner, but they can't come by. For example, because storm Corrie has blown trees on the road everywhere and you prefer not to leave your house, we hope for your understanding. This also applies to the holidays and Black Friday, not only would you like to give a pair of new socks as a gift, this can cause some extra delay. When you pay for faster delivery, you are actually paying for faster production. It is therefore possible that your shipment is delayed due to the carrier.

Own Fault Guarantee

Our 'own fault guarantee' is for when you're not satisfied, but it's your own fault. For example, if you destroy your shoe covers yourself because you crash with them, or you make a custom design that you don't like as much as you expected when youd esigned it. To make you happy, we have created this guarantee for this. We will then send you new overshoes, or make new socks for you, for only half the price.